Nicole Hailey (AKA Scarab Deva) is an intuitive healer, shamanic facilitator, and a yogini.

She has been working with a variety of healing modalities for more than twenty years and has learned from various maestros and maestras from the Shipibo Canibo tribe of the Peruvian Amazon (completing numerous Master Plant dietas), and also from the Q’eros of the Peruvian Highlands.
Nicole initially developed a soulful connection to the power of the sacred naad  (sound current) as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  She is a Reiki Master and holds degrees in Psychology with Clinical Hypnosis and an MSc. in Psychiatry through the Cardiff School of Medicine, UK.
Nicole also works extensively with the ancestors of her clients for their soul healing, as a Family Constellation facilitator.  She now dedicates her love and energy towards distance healings, dynamic personal coaching sessions, Family Constellation group sessions, spiritual counseling,  tarot, and integration work for those who require support and guidance after mystical and sacred shamanic healing experiences.