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Intuitive Massage Therapy in San Diego, CA

Kate Danta H.H.P. – Certified Massage Therapist

 Health and a sense of well-being…intuitive massage therapy in San Diego, CA benefits that continue to linger long after the session is over. The comment/compliment that I receive most often to describe the effects from my therapeutic massage is “the effects are so long lasting, sometimes for several days”, or “this is the best massage I have ever had”. The intuitive massage therapy releases old patterns of tension that have wrapped around the spine that commonly produce a level of discomfort in the body that we have come to accept as “normal”. My main job is to facilitate a way for you to relate to your own body the way it felt back before all that residual tension was generated by events or circumstances that were stressful, using your own awareness. Intuitive massage therapy will help the residual tension that stays long after the event or circumstance has been resolved or come to an end. You will come away with a renewed sense of aliveness and awareness within your own body.


You may feel that deep tissue massage therapy is what will serve you best at this time. Deep tissue massage therapy will relieve tension and reduce inflammation, by stretching the joints and using myo-facial release techniques. Alternatively, your body may be calling for a Swedish relaxation massage that decreases muscle tension and increases circulation. The healing touch of a therapists hands that listen thru intuition and experience to what your body needs at any particular time, will serve to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being.