Working on my new year resolutions, I started practicing yoga consistently during January 2019.
I was looking to join a local studio that embraces the community and provides a space for traditional yoga teaching and spiritual growth.
My first class was Dantayama Yoga with Kate.
I felt an immediate connection with her, the other students, and the energy in the room. I left the class feeling as if a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The stress from my week had melted away, and this was exactly what I needed.
Since this first class I have experienced many lessons and enjoyed the nice variety of classes and yoga teachers. They all teach from their heart, and treat all students with personal touch. I always felling better coming out of class.
The studio is well equipped with blankets/bolsters & the parking is easy and convenient. would totally recommend  P.B yoga & healing arts, to anyone new or not so new to yoga.
Ayelet G.
Ayelet G.

I started dantayama yoga about 3 year ago, seeking help with anxiety, not only it has help with it, but I have also gained so much inner strength and peace. I usually attend class 3 to four times a week.

Elvia B
Elvia B.
I have been practicing with Kate for 10 years. I started there while I was working as a dental hygienist, and I needed to incorporate some activity to relieve job related physical pains and mental stress.
I tried other yoga studios that caused more anxiety because at age 55 I was not physically limber and could not get into the poses fast enough.
I gave Kate’s class a try and knew I had found my place. Poses are slow, accessible, and gentle. I cannot do everything, but that’s fine. Neither can everyone else in the classes – even the younger yogis.
It took me a several months to finally be able to feel the layers of tension in my body and mind relax. I feel myself continuing to progress, albeit slowly which is perfect for my 65 year old body.
My friendships with the “regulars” in my class have been a gift during some emotional and physical challenges. I’m grateful to have found Kate’s classes and the other teachers in her studio.
Terrie V
Terrie V. - Retired Dental Hygenist
PB Yoga and Kate has helped me relax and get in touch with my muscles. Been doing this about 3 years now. I hadn’t surfed for a while because of skin cancer and other “relaxing issues”, after some PB Yoga I’m back surfing daily. PB Yoga is your everything place. Thank You Kate.
PB YOGA Singer Songwriter, Surfer, & Pioneer of the Internet
PB YOGA Singer Songwriter, Surfer, & Pioneer of the Internet

While I’ve practiced yoga off and on since I first learned about it in the 1970s, I’ve found my yoga home in San Diego. Going to PB Yoga and Healing Arts for over a decade, but on a much more regular basis over the past 5-6 years, from 1-3 times a week depending on my work load, helps to keep me balanced and healthy, on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I love the variety of classes and the knowledge and skills of the instructors. The combination of yoga and massage (which I have also done there) is a proactive way for me to stay healthy. Practicing yoga as a lifelong activity helps me to focus, be positive, and stay flexible.    — Caren S, university professor

Caren S. University Professor

Dantayama Yoga has saved my life! I’ve been practicing for about 5 years and it has taught me to be present in the moment, something that family and school never taught me. It wards off aches and pains as I age. It has encouraged me and given me courage

Michelle F. Licensed therapist
I have been practicing yoga with Kate for about 12 years.  I was introduced to a similar style like Kate uses years ago after my husband was in a car accident and the yoga helped speed his healing.  I was in a heavy travel, heavy computer work career at the time and found that Kate’s yoga was a balancing tonic to help me undo the damage from the corporate lifestyle!  Each time I practice with Kate, my spirit and my body unwind and I always feel like I got just what I needed, even when I didn’t know I needed it! Through these years at Kate’s studio I have observed many participants who have varying degrees of physical limits from prior accidents or lifestyles and they all made progress and felt better doing this work.
Health, balance and flexibility are critical components for all of us, at any life stage, and the yoga offered by Kate goes a long way toward helping us achieve this and keep our bodies and spirits in tune.  Thank you.
Betsy V. Retired
PB Yoga changed my life by making me happier, mentally and physically flexible, and more resilient. I am a writer / creative writing professor, and grade many papers so involving my body in my practice means I feel, sleep, write, and teach better. I have attended three or four times a week about four years, and plan to keep at it.  Kate is patient with a great sense of humor, and long-time regulars are welcoming and supportive. My wife said she has an improved husband.
— Scott T. Starbuck, Co-Creative Writing Coordinator, San Diego Mesa College
Scott T. Starbuck, Co-Creative Writing Coordinator, San Diego Mesa College
When I started at PB Yoga, over 13 years ago, I could not drive for more than 2 hours with out having horrid pain in my back and legs. The pain was just as bad when flying. I try to go to class three times a week. It took close to 6 months of classes before my back was better, with Epsom salts baths in the pm after class. It’s wonderful to be pain free when walking, driving and flying. PB Yoga changed my life.
Marilyn R.
Marilyn R. -Registered Nurse
As I look forward to my annual Pacific Beach month rental in May, first on my list is to secure a yoga class package at PB Yoga. At the same time I set up bi-monthly massages with Kate Danta. Then I take care of all the other details involved❣️
Gandolfa S. - Retired

I started practicing 3-5 times a week at PBY taking specifically Kate;s Danteyama class.

I started here to get healing during a very stressful emotional and medically challenging time & after the first class I was sure it was the right place for me.
It has been over five months now and i could not be happier, I feel more grounded more centered and my back is feeling strong and stretched out! It has deepened my meditation capacity and my adrenals are so calm during and after the class.
I recommend mixing this class in if you do strenuous workouts like running, vinyasa, Barre, or dancing as it is amazing for every little part of the body that gets so tight, as well as the tension we can create with mental stress as well.
I love this class and will be continuing to go for the long haul.
Thank you Kate for being an oasis in our community!
19 years Local LJ Pb-an Musician Songwriter Teacher and Artist
Aja F. 19 years Local LJ Pb-an Musician Songwriter Teacher and Artist
“The fact that EVERY class is for EVERY body at P.B. Healing Arts and Yoga is what really sets this studio a part from the others. Whether you are just starting your yoga journey or are a seasoned veteran on the path, your practice and awareness of Self will only be enhanced by attending classes here. I credit the teachers and classes at PB Healing Arts with teaching me how to find inner strength, live a more balanced life, and age gracefully.”
Nancine D. – Yoga Teacher and Retreat Facilitator
Nancine D. - Yoga Teacher and Retreat Facilitator

For over 20 years Kate has been my go to yoga when not traveling.

Each time I return and take her classes I feel a difference, more flexible, balanced, my body just seems to work better.
The beauty of her classes for me, is that it is a body, mind, spirit experience, every time!
Thank you Kate.
linda Nickey
Linda Nickey - Author