As a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, I’ve found that yoga is my lifeline to keeping sane and balanced.  Coming back to the practice after straying from it several times finally ignited my desire to teach what I found to be my lifeline. I love being able to share in the opening and developing of energies, and witnessing the unfolding of people’s light when they are surrounded by those who encourage and support them. Being a part of that experience is incredibly rewarding. I teach Vinyasa & Hatha with an emphasis on accessibility, ease and healing. Certified in Reiki through Akasha studio and completed my first YTT through The Little Yoga Studio in Little Italy, received my second YTT through Mosaic Yoga Studio in Golden Hill.
Yoga is a continual practice just as in our day to day life, there’s no mastery in either, we’re always growing and learning.